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EQA Schemes

  • East Midland Histopathology EQA Scheme
  • National Gastrointestinal Pathology EQA Scheme
  • National Gynaecological Pathology Scheme
  • National Head and Neck Histopathology EQA Scheme
  • National MOHS EQA Scheme
  • National Paediatric Histopathology EQA Scheme
  • UK National Liver Histopathology EQA Scheme
  • UK National Renal Pathology EQA Scheme
  • UK National Renal Transplant EQA Scheme
  • UK NEQAS CPT - Non Gynaecological Cytology
  • Uropathology EQA Scheme
  • Yorkshire General Histopathology EQA Scheme

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